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Prepare and facilitate your fundraising with a trademark

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For the good trademark management, knowing how to convince is one of the essential points. As a matter of fact, the success of his company depends on decisions that will make the difference. There are several ways to prepare or facilitate a fundraiser thank to a trademark. A personal advisor can be helpful in this area to find the necessary levers to obtain funds.

Solicit investment funds

First reflex to adopt, investment funds and Business Angels are fully prepared to bet on a trademark with history, position, personality that will be followed by a community (See article: Trademark image). For a capitalization operation, it suffices to submit your trademark to audit, to assess it financially (See article: Trademark valuation), legally and to find convincing arguments for the funds to be allocated to your company. The projects that will be carried out through it understand the importance of course, because they must have meaning for the trademark and its customers.

Evaluating your trademark financially will essentially consist of setting a value (evaluation by cost, by market, by income) which will serve as the basis for investment funds and Business Angels. Legally (see article: Trademark strategy), this ensure to avoid future litigation, counterfeit situations or past contractual shortcomings.

This new assessed intangible asset may become contribution in kind entered in your balance sheet.  

Other financing methods

Thanks to tailor-made support LEGAL MARQUE can offer you its known solutions but also other solutions to generate funds. Often overlooked, though they have their importance. Media For Equity, which is an alternative investment model, is one example, and its benefits may  suit a trademark well.

Financing by royalties and crowfunding which are part of the solutions to be considered to collect the funds necessary for the realization of projects. A LEGAL MARQUE advisor present to prepare this approach and ensure its pay off can quickly prove to be essential. The identification of the best solutions and the assembly of files are part of its attributions for the support of start-ups until obtaining the requested sums. The trademark can therefore more easily move towards a flourishing future with a more effective approach.

LEGAL MARQUE accompanies you and helps you to realize the best solution to raise funds thanks to a unique know-how. Set up an appointment?