In Counsel House

The legal permanence of entrepreneurs
Are you an entrepreneur or manager of a small business and have legal questions about your business? You don’t know who to turn to?
Legal Marque exclusively offers its “In Counsel House” offer for quality support.
“In Counsel House” is available from an hourly rate at 199CHF/hour instead of 299 CHF/hour to allow you to lift the veil on many legal issues. This offer includes à la carte support.
Whether it is help to create your mark or a problem to write a legal text, our legal professionals are there to support you as best as possible.
This offer is fully customizable and you can simply choose the number of hours you need to reach your goals.

If you have any questions
about this offer contact us:

What you will get for 199CHF/hour:

• Offer suitable for all professionals
• Service payable by the hour for more flexibility
• Legal consulting
• Personalized support to answer all your questions
• Covers all legal aspects
• Legal Marque expertise
• Written and oral advice according to your needs
• Fully modular pack