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Are you looking for a professional service, able to register and protect your trademark in the long term?

Discover now the many advantages of our special “Low Budget” package!

Protection and brand tracking at a reduced price

We know how difficult it is to protect the intellectual property of a brand as a whole on your own, just like most businesses, retailers or corporations, you are about to delegate this task to a qualified expert firm.

Only downside … The prices seem to be unattainable considering the capacities of your wallet.
This is where we come in!

Legal Marque aims to allow smaller and young companies to benefit, too, from a professional service qualified in intellectual protection.

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Trademark registration and protection in Switzerland

Are you wondering what are the details and advantages of the offer offered by this 100% online intellectual protection service at a very low price?

• Registration of your trademark in the Swiss registers
• Support and personalized follow-up online exclusively
• Complete and continuous protection of your brand (logo, slogan, images …)
• Enhanced protection against illegal use of your trademark and counterfeiting

Trusting Legal Marque means the assurance of being supported and accompanied by competent and vigilant experts to effectively protect the intellectual property of your trademark registered in Switzerland.Free yourself from administrative constraints, long hours of surveillance … Leave behind the fear of finding the fruit of your labor “borrowed” by someone else.

Don’t let anyone take advantage of the image you have built, because once your trademark is legally registered, it is yours.

Our firm specializing in intellectual property guarantees you this protection with the “Small Budget” package, which adapts to your finances.