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Specialty principle of the trademark

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This principle was set up to protect registered trademarks. As a matter of fact, the products and services offered are considered to be specific to a trademark, and therefore cannot be reproduced by a third party without authorization. However, the help of a Legal Marque expert will be invaluable for understanding how to use this right.

The interest of the Nice classification

When registering the trademark, the list of products and services offered to consumers should be specified. The Nice classification makes it possible to find the titles of each product in order to carry them forward to its protection request form.

To avoid having to dive into a fairly substantial repository, the use of a Legal Marque expert saves time. Its mastery of this classification allows the declaration to be made faster. In practice, this solution also avoids errors or omissions.

A crucial step

Support is strongly recommended to register your trademark. In fact, only registered products and services are subsequently protected. When similar signs or characteristics are found in another company, only those which have been the subject of a prior declaration can be defended.

Your Legal Marque advisor may launch an opposition to the administrative authorities and take legal action when these specialties are not respected. Their registration protects them against any attempt at counterfeiting. If this precaution has not been taken, it will be difficult to assert his rights and protect his creations.