Brand Boost Package


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To help you get started and to provide you with peace of mind and to support you throughout the process of using your brand, LegalMarque offers you its new “Boost Package” package including:

Annual legal support on a subscription-based 12 month renewable period ;

Telephone and/or email consultations when legal questions arise;

Legal and reasoned answers to your questions;

Proofreading and legal drafting of simple legal documents, such as deeds, licenses, assignments etc;

A complete service to help avoid disputes

ten annual interventions (10 times per year, you can approach us for help with your existing brand/trademark)

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n exclusive service around your brand for a 12 month renewable subscription period.

Do you own a trademark or have started the process of registering your trademark? Congratulations! This brand protection approach is essential to help you to further legally secure your project. Now that your trademark is filed, you may have the following further questions:

What legal steps should you take to make your brand permanent (so that it protects your business needs, as they grow over time, in the best possible way)?

Who answers your legal questions that may come up on a periodic basis as time goes on?

How to develop your activity around your brand?

How will you write your legal documentation?

And many others…