The corporate image is what allows the public to identify. It’s often to be tested by the competition, Legal Marque helps you to prevent and get things under control in all circumstances.


Become the holder of a trademark


Diversify your sources of income


Fight against the abusive use


A privileged partner who will effectively support for all your subjects which affect your trademark and domain names directly or indirectly. In the hands of our professionals, we offer you the opportunity to focus on your core business without obligation to manage the constraints by yourself. It’s a  simple and effective offer.


We are affiliated with public institutions such as INPI, EUIPO, OBPI and even IGE. This allows us to represent our clients all over Europe, even before the court. You can be sure of being accompanied by experienced professionals, by requesting Legal Trademark.

Ensure the Success of Your Project with LEGAL MARQUE

Our Different Packages

In Counsel House

Freelance - Startup - Entrepreneur
199 CHF/hour
  • Legal Support for Business Startups & Scaleups
  • Legal outsourcing
  • Other area of IP law
  • Legal Advice
  • Legal research
  • Flexible package (5h-10h-20h / week)


449 CHF
  • Swiss Trademark registration
  • Professional search trademark
  • Formulation (2) categories
  • Deposit Formalities
  • Online offer only and without telephone assistance
  • Swiss register



1449 CHF
  • Audit
  • Professional search trademark
  • Formulation categories
  • Deposit Formalities
  • Deposit management and follow-up
  • Revise
  • Processing of your questions before and after the registration procedure
  • Filing fee (CHF550) included
  • *Extension in Europe CHF 1399


2799 CHF
  • Notification letter
  • Referral to institution
  • Opposition to registration
  • Legal brief
  • Request for certified document
  • *Covered by your professional insurance

Petit’Helvet is coming! The first Swiss mobile application that allows you to identify local products with their nutritional scores. An application managed by our firm completely free which guarantees 100% secure and controlled information. Easy to use, all you need to do is scan the barcode of a product with your phone. Register and receive a free gift card.

Aide à l’enregistrement d’une Marque

Help to Do Trademark Registration

Using our services will save your precious time ...

opposition à une marque enregistrée

Opposition to A Registered Trademark

Defending your brand is essential to prevent ...

Litige Marque et Nom de domaine

Trademark and Domain Name Litigation

If establishing a trademark is generally a positive adventure ...

Surveillance de Marque et Nom de domaine

Brand and Domain Name Monitoring

Institutions do not monitor the abusive use of ...

La recherche d’antériorité professionnelles

Professional Prior Art Research

Before depositing your logo or your trademark, it is essential ...

audit et le conseil en Marque

Audit And Brand Consulting

Even if it seems intangible and relevant, sometimes ...

The creation of contracts

When creating a brand and throughout its life, contracts ensure that it functions properly. Their drafting requires a perfect mastery of the regulations in the field. Entrusting this task to Legal Marque who guarantees that brand protection will be total.




A trademark is a protected distinctive sign allows a company to differentiate its products or services from other companies. 

In contrast, the domain name has purely technical characteristics and represents your commercial identity on the web.

Only the registration of a trademark guarantees the legal certainty on the exclusive rights of use for 10 years, which is renewable. The principle is simple, first to come are the first to be served. Therefore, you will avoid a lot of ailments, spending money and wasting time when register for your trademark.

Before filing your logo or brand, it’s essential to carry out a thorough search professional for experience to know if a competitor has not preceded you. This is what we highly recommend and it is the same from public institutions.

The duration of a registration without material error or opposition is 3 months. To meet this deadline, the professional accompaniment is highly recommended. We offer you all-inclusive packages to prevent the difficulties of registering a trademark.

We fully reimburse our customers who take the “all serenity” formula. Please note that the official fees for filing the trademark will not be refunded in the event that the registration certificate is not issued.

It depends on your insurance, legal protection is the option that can provide all payment or part of the fees to defend you in litigation. We get used to dealing with insurance, contact us for more information.

Bien que la procédure d’enregistrement des noms de domaine soit indépendante de l’enregistrement des marques, la loi prévient le cybersquatting et propose des mesures pour éviter des conflits entre marques et noms de domaine. Si vous êtes dans une de ces situations, contactez-nous pour plus d’informations.

Trademark law is a territorial law which is subject to a principle of specialty. This implies that the registration is valid only in the country of the deposit, based on the products and services you have chosen. To avoid any conflict abroad, the trademark must be extended. Contact our advisers for more information

Calling an IN COUNSEL HOUSE it’s temporarily creates a legal office in your business without the constraints of hiring. A IN COUNSEL HOUSE boosts the entrepreneurial project and gives quality, precise and relevant answers on all legal questions that affect the company, its services or products.

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Susy Trucolo
Susy Trucolo
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Legal Marque Genève, sont gentils, attentives, disponibles et surtout, ils ont une équipe extremamente professionnel. Nous du Réseau Sac à Gain, sommes fier de avoir comme partenaire, Legal Marque Genève. Susy Trucolo
Stephane Gonzalez
Stephane Gonzalez
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Nous avons fait appel à cette société pour protéger l’identité de notre concept, nous sommes ravi de l’engagement, l’énergie et l’enthousiasme du directeur. Celui-ci est bienveillant et soucieux de ses clients !
Lilya Pebedev
Lilya Pebedev
Read More
Je recommande fortement ce cabinet, tout les ingrédients sont réunis : discrétion, rigueur et à l'écoute. Un grand merci 👍😊 à vous.
Aboubakar Zekhnini
Aboubakar Zekhnini
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Je conseille fortement ce cabinet qui m’a apporté toutes les réponses que j’attendais. Et qui m’a surtout ouvert les yeux sur l’importance de la protection intellectuelle de ma marque. Merci à vous
kadir Bulbul
kadir Bulbul
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UN GRAND MERCI!, Rapides et efficaces, à l’écoute de ses clients. Je suis très satisfait de leurs services, je conseil clairement ce cabinet .
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Je recommande vraiment !💪 💪 sérieux discrétion et réactivité au rendez-vous vous avec ce cabinet
Ophélie Mélina
Ophélie Mélina
Read More
Très professionnel, très bon travail, je conseille fortement
Anthony Desanlis
Anthony Desanlis
Read More
Très bon travail, je recommande fortement.
Clémence Desaute
Clémence Desaute
Read More
Je recommande vivement, très bon travail.
Ophelie Thenot
Ophelie Thenot
Read More
Bon travail rien à dire a conseiller 😉
Read More
Un travail de qualité, un service basé sur la confiance !

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