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The Importance of Reserve Mentions

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The primary aim of registering a trademark is to protect against counterfeits. To this effect, many brands add symbols such as ™, ® or other variants to exercise their right. However, to fully understand the value of this protection, you should consult a Legal Marque expert. He has the knowledge and expertise to advise you on making the best decisions.

The Perfect Symbol

To successfully protect a product, concept, or specific mode of operation, there are several types of symbols that warn off intruders. These symbols ensure that they cannot be used by any other brand but yours. This protection is particularly useful in cases of innovative or revolutionary creations. It also helps to differentiate the trademark name from the product name. Although consumers often make this conflation, precision allows you to develop more product ranges. This step is imperative to business transformation and development.

The Fight against Counterfeits

Before a lawsuit can be filed against a company that produces counterfeits, the brand-victim must have been protected. Reserve mentions indicate that a mark is registered, and cannot be copied under any circumstances. Your Legal Marque expert can advise you further on this subject in order to fight against counterfeiting. In the case of any dispute, you can also turn to this expert to know how to defend yourself. When you have taken care to protect yourself with reserve mentions, the approach is indeed different. You will have even more stake in the law in cases of counterfeiting.